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About the Taco Bell survey

The biggest Taco chain in the United States isn’t just good at serving some delicious Mexican food but also treats its customer really well. Taco Bell conducts a survey “TellTheBell” survey( The Tell Bell Survey @ for all its customers, to process their valuable feedback, and keep improving their service for the lot.

Rules Include for Filling Survey at

Taco Bell menu

1. The age of the customer should at least be 18 years to participate in the survey sweepstake.

2. The customer must have a valid receipt from Taco Bell, which must not be older than 7days.

3. With one receipt you can take part in the survey once only!

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Tellthebell Customer Service Survey | Full Survey Guide

Taco Bell’s Survey is customer-centered which provides some basic questionnaires about the experience at Taco Bell Restaurants. They don’t try to intrigue the customers that bad and keep the set of questions to make them giddy and willing to answer. You can also try the Taco Bell Tellthebell survey from survey homepage.

This method helps the Taco Bell restaurant chain get more suggestions on how to keep pushing to be better.

Taco bell focuses on what its customers feel about the taste and temperature of the food, the quality of ingredients that the customers feel, the aroma of the cooked items, the after taste that lingers in their tongues, the service at the restaurant, the neatness of the dining place and the order accuracy.

Some basic questions that the user should expect from the Tellthebell com customer survey would be

1. If the customer felt the TacoBell restaurant was clean enough and hygienic?

2. How well the customer liked the service of the staff over at Taco Bell?

3. How would the customer rate the quality and authenticity of the food being served?

4. If the customer felt any disturbances during dining at Taco Bell?

5. If the food at Taco Bell meet the expectations of the customers?

Step by Step Guide for Tellthebell Customer Survey

It’s time to complete the Taco Bell Survey by filling this form successfully. Just follow these steps and you’re done.

1. Open the browser, enter, and visit the official website of Tellthebell.

2. Here, you get the Tellthebell Customer Survey Page.

3. To enter into the survey, you need to enter a 16-digit Survey Code that is available on your Taco Bell Purchase Receipt. survey

4. After entering the Tacobell Invoice code, click on the “Start” button.

5. Then, the customers are enquired about a few questions that would be related to their last visit and experience at the Taco Bell Restaurant. survey

6. Respond to all the questions asked carefully at the survey. survey homepage

7. Once you’re done answering all the questions, fill in all your details.

8. Then, click on the submit button.

tell the bell com customer survey

9. After that, you’ll get an entry message that allows your entry into the Tell The Bell.

$500 Cash Prize!! | TellTheBell Survey Rewards survey

In the Tellthebell survey, four winners will randomly get selected for the Sweepstakes to win a $500 Prize. Once you’re selected you get the chance to participate in this lucky draw. In case you have become one of the lucky winners, then the Taco Bell employees will contact you over the telephone. Give them your address and they will send your rewards for participation.

Things you require for entering into the TelltheBell Survey:

1. Purchase receipt from the Taco Bell store.

2. 16 – digit survey code

3. In case you don’t have the 16-digit tellthebell Tacobell Survey code then remember the date, time, and store number.

How Tellthebell Survey winners are decided?

Tellthebell Survey winners

Countless people all around the world know about the Tellthebell survey. But a few of them only know the process behind the selection of winners. 

Don’t worry we’ll describe it. Once you answer all the questions on the tell the bell survey form then you are asked to fill in personal details which include your name, phone number, email ID, and residential address. All these personal details are collected to inform the customers that they have won the Tellthebell Survey Rewrads

tellthebell survey

Important: You need not worry about your details as the company keeps the information preserved. Only the respective winners are contacted by the company.

After you submit your details then you get a free sweepstakes entry. Let me remind you that Sweepstakes is an online lottery stage wherein the lottery befalls in 12 different slots. These slots are divided into weeks such that one slot occurs in one week. 

Then, the lottery happens. When the lottery is executed, the Sweepstakes chooses 4 participants from this lottery as lucky winners of that specific week. The lucky winners are announced on their official portal. 

The four lucky winners are informed through email or SMS within the specified time. The Tellthebell Survey winners win a cheque of $500. To collect the cheque make sure that you submit your identity proof.

Tellthebell Espanol Survey Eligibility: 

1. The minimum age should be 18 years and above to participate in survey.

2. A legal resident and a citizen of the USA and Canada.

3. Workers, officers, or employees of Taco Bell Restaurant Chain, can’t participate in TellTheBell Survey.

Tellthebell Survey Rules:

1. If you’re a worker, officer, or employee at the Taco Bell Corporation, then you can’t participate in TellTheBell Survey.

2. The Tellthebell Survey reward of the lucky draw cannot be substituted, transferred to anyone else.

3. Purchasing isn’t necessary for participation.

4. Per person, there is one entry.

5. In each entry period, there is one prize per house.

6. The Tellthebell survey code is legitimate for 30 days.

7. Check the official website of the Tellthebell survey for detailed information. Survey Requirements: survey

1. A laptop, desktop, or mobile phone with a good internet connection.

2. Purchase receipt of the Taco Bell Restaurant.

3. Basic knowledge of English.

4. 16-digit Taco Bell Survey Code

5. Survey request 

6. The number on the receipt of the last visit.

7. Date and time of your last visit.

TellTheBell Survey Guide

Taking the TellTheBell survey is very easy. All you need is a device with an internet connection. Be it your laptop, tablet, or phone. You have to follow some very simple and basic steps and voila.

Tell the bell Survey

1. Open the browser on your device. Easy peasy.

2. Type on your browser, which will redirect you to the official TellTheBell survey website.

3. Then get your receipt and enter the 16 digit Survey Code on it. Make sure you don’t get that wrong.

4. If you have hard luck finding the code in your receipt, don’t worry. You just have to visit this URL-

5. Now you have to see and enter the 6 digit Taco Bell Store Number.

6. Carefully enter the right date and time of the purchase made.

7. Now you’d be asked a few questions about the purchase details made on the store.

8. Choose the appropriate and honest answers and proceed to the next page.

9. The survey would ask a few questions about the quality of the food if it was served hot enough, the cleanliness of the restaurant, and stuff like that. Be patient and answer these questions with utmost truth, and move on to the next page.

10. The next page would ask you if you had any bad experiences at Taco Bell. Click on YES if any and write about the experience that you had, else click on NO and move on to the next page.

Enter the full name and a valid phone number. This is a mandatory question.

The Tellthebell customer survey ends and a Thank You screen pops up, hence completing the feedback process.

Extra Prizes and Benefits with Official Tellthebell Survey

tellthebell coupons

Taco Bell’s survey has a very interesting sweepstake system which generates a few lucky winners who get $500 Tellthebell survey rewards. While the rest thousands, don’t just lose. The customers can redeem a lot of vouchers and codes which unlocks discounts and other benefits for them. In this easy way, the chain allures its customers and keeps them loyal.

Taco Bell Customer Service Details

Taco bell goes through all this trouble by creating websites, surveys, and what not just for one big reason, service improvement and customer satisfaction. So the Taco Bell survey focuses mainly on customer service feedback.

The behavior of the staff, the order arrival time, the quality of the product and the response to customers queries and everything in between. Hence the taco bell survey envisages the customers to be honest and fair in their feedback.

Not only that tellthebell survey also lets its customers a chance to win $500 Cash Prize and also a lot of other benefits.

They provide some raffle in their taco bell survey to get the customers hooked on and unravel benefits in time, all these dimes scorched just to get the right Customer feedback and improve. It’s every bit as quirky as it sounds but there’s more to it.

tellthebell survey

About Survey Portal

Taco Bell is one of America’s leading and booming restaurant chains. The hub for delicious tangy Mexican food has made its remarkable presence felt in the States. Be it your cravings for tortillas, nachos, burritos, or quesadillas, Taco Bell has got you covered. The TellTheBell survey is a unique way of getting customer feedback with also hidden and some extravagant benefits for Taco Bell customers.

For the survey, the customers need to visit, which is the official Taco Bell giveaway survey portal. Customers need to follow some basic rules to take part in the Tellthebell survey. Survey Support | Taco Bell Contact Details Survey

One could easily reach TacoBell by calling this number: (800) 822-6235.

Apart from that Taco Bell offers many ways to reach and contact and share the queries with its team ready for customer assistance. You can also share and post your complaints via the above number or you can even call the Taco Bell headquarters at 949-863-4500.

If you face any issue in the store itself you could always ask to talk to the store manager who would be willing to assist you. 

For online assistance, you could mail the customer care team at

Taco Bell Social Media Pages

Taco Bell contact

Nonetheless, social media still helps in racing out the mass public easily. Be it a contest, a discount, a new offer, one post on social media, spreads like wildfire.

Taco Bell also has planted its roots in some of the most widely used social media platforms.You can reach out to them on

They keep their handles updated and you could get the latest news happening and also reach out to one of these social media accounts to post your queries and complaints.

Stay alert from fake Tellthebell Survey!

Well no matter how much the internet may benefit us, but there’s always a dark side to it.

Tellthebell coupons

Well, when Taco bell started rolling out advertisements giving a chance to its customers $500 easy bucks, many fakesters started creating phishing accounts and links to hook some of the native customers.

You must be very cautious of these sites. The original link for the tellthebell survey is Do not fall for any other websites claiming something else. They will try to lure you with the reward money and rob you of what you already had.

The original survey won’t ever ask for any bank details, but the phishing sites and the fake links will ask for your details. Be aware of such pranks and never fall into some grave pit in the greed of easy money. If you still have any doubts, next time you visit the store ask any staff to guide you to the actual survey link to give precious feedback.

FAQs | Frequently Asked Questions at Taco Bell Survey Page

Q1. Why Taco Bell Gives you $500?

Nowadays, we wish to earn money quickly. The easiest method to earn money is by taking part in the Customer Satisfaction Surveys. By answering the Taco Bell Survey you can earn $500 as it assists them in making their brand name user-friendly.

Q2. Are there some other rewards that Taco Bell gives to their customers?

Once customers give their honest feedback regarding the tellthebell survey then they earn a chance to win $500. Besides, the customers also get an opportunity to win online coupons. With online coupons, you also get a chance to avail some discount coupons that can be used in your next Taco Bell visit.

Q3. What are the questions in the TellTheBell Survey?

For the overall improvement of the company, Taco Bell’s customer satisfaction survey is held which asks customers relevant questions about their personal experience. They need to give answers based on their last visit to the Taco Bell Restaurant. Also, questions would be on the food quality and ratings and reviews on the recent visit.

Q4. What is TelltheBell Survey?

TelltheBell is the feedback or survey portal of the Taco Bell Restaurant. Here, customers share their personal experiences and genuine reviews about the company and their last visit.

It grabs customer’s attention as they can win a cash prize of $500. TelltheBell survey is about honest reviews about the Taco Bell products and services.

Q5. How to register a complaint at Taco Bell?

To register a complaint at the Taco Bell offers there are multiple options. It only depends on the type of complaint you are going to register. If you think your complaint can be resolved by store members, then contact the Store Manager.

In other cases, you can file a complaint in the following numbers:

Q6. How one can get the Taco Bell Survey?

To avail for the Survey rewards, there are certain rules. The most important rule is that one has to be a  customer of Taco Bell. Then, only they can have the restaurant receipt of their last visit as proof.


The Whole Tellthebell Survey Process includes, the restaurant conducts a customer satisfaction survey to get honest feedback from their customers and offers them an opportunity to win a $500 cash prize in return.

Those who’re willing to answer the survey, can visit the official website of Taco Bell and fill in their details to answer the Tellthebell customer satisfaction form. Click on submit and it’s done. 

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